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Best hot tubs

The best hot tub for anyone is the tub that fits into the budget and meets the needs of those who will be using it. For most hot tub shoppers, price is paramount. Prospective buyers should consider future costs as well as the initial purchase price. Owning a spa means higher water and electricity bills as well as the cost of routine maintenance.

Spa shoppers with large families, and those who love the nightlife and like to boogie, will want to opt for a larger tub. Some models offer up to a 10-person capacity. There’s no need to be in a pile while soaking in each others’ filth. Smaller two-person hot tubs are also available for the friendless and self-absorbed. As with many things in life, the best hot tub will be the one that is big enough to satisfy, but won’t break you.

The contour and placement of hydrotherapy jets is another significant consideration when picking the best hot tub. People with neck, back or other physical problems can find the right spa to be therapeutic and even healing. Those with more serious disabilities ought to look for a tub that is easy to enter and exit. When browsing for hot tubs, wear a bathing suit under your clothes. Full display tubs are featured in many showrooms and dealers will be happy to let you hop in.


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