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Hot tub parts

Purchasing hot tub parts is an unavoidable aspect of owning a hot tub. Some parts will have to be replaced regularly while others may last the life of the tub.
Most parts of a spa are compulsory but a wide variety of optional accessories are also available.

Hot tub parts that commonly need to be replaced or repaired include:
• Filters
• Heaters (electric or gas) and heater parts
• Pumps and pump motors
• Chemicals and chemical generators
• Plumbing
• Lights, wiring, circuit boards and other electrical parts
• Jets and air buttons

Routine maintenance and proper care will lengthen the life of your spa and save you money on hot tub parts. When problems do arise, consult the owners manual or spa dealer before jumping to conclusions. This will prevent unnecessary purchases and /or repairs. In some cases, namely major plumbing or electrical issues, professional help may be required.


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