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Portable hot tubs

By definition a portable hot tub, also known as a portable spa, is any hot tub that is not built into the ground. Few people choose in-ground spas nowadays because they are more costly and less convenient. The plumbing is fixed in the ground, making maintenance more of a hassle. Those who choose in-ground hot tub most likely do so because money is not an issue and they want to have control over the design.

Just because it’s called portable doesn’t mean it can be easily moved. A portable hot tub will weigh at least a few hundred pounds empty. Because of their size and sometimes awkward shape a large truck must be used for transport. Although it is possible to move a portable spa, they usually become permanent features.

These days the terms portable hot tub and portable spa are used interchangeably. Until a couple decades ago “spa” referred to a heated tub with jets, usually made from acrylic. A “hot tub” was a wooden tank, filled with water, heated and equipped with jets. Eventually acrylic tubs became much more popular because they are easier to maintain and feature a contoured design.


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